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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aphrodisiac: Sexing Android Up

We've all been there: a three-hour train trip, a lazy day at the beach, or listening to a dry and utterly boring physics teacher droning on about relativity and gravity. When you're stuck in such situations, what do you do? You can whip out your fancy Android phone and maybe play a couple hours of Game Dev Story or Angry Birds. But those games are a serious drain in the battery and unless you have a spare that can last you till you can find an electrical outlet, you're probably gonna be scrimping on that precious phone juice. So again, what do you do?

Enter Aphrodisiac.

If you're a hot-blooded man (or woman), you know very well that one of the most popular sections of any adult magazine is the steamy sex stories section. Well, the good guys (gals?) at Aphrodite have decided to make your Android smartphone a veritable goldmine of hot, boner-inducing tales of sex and depravity. This app boasts of thousands of erotic stories that are sure to keep you (and something else) up during those long and boring train rides or lectures. The best part? It's totally FREE!

The stories are from different authors around the world and they are neatly classified into different categories such as Masturbation, Bisexual, Incest and even Supernatural (and no, we don't want to know if these include Casper, the Friendly Ghost stories). Here are the features from their Android Market page:
  • Rich catalog with 20,000 stories divided in 50+ categories
  • Audio Stories
  • Add a story to favorite
  • Find a story by Search , By Author
  • Latest Submissions
  • Your Recently Read History
  • Story Viewing has options to customize Font Size , Type , Background etc.

And the good thing with this app is that it's not blatantly obvious that you're using an adult application! Aside from the hot dark pink icon and the calligraphic "Aphrodisiac" title, the app navigation itself looks like your typical organizer application, with unsuspecting icons for Favorites, Categories, History and others. This means that you won't have to constantly look over your shoulder in fear that some pretty girl might see your perverted hobby.

Just be careful to hide that raging boner that will inevitably rise to the occasion.

Get the app at the Android Market now.

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chris kudzin said...

How do can you play the audio in some stories

SnoresLikeBuffalo said...

What happened to this app? It disappeared from theapp store and my phone!

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